A Little More Lutheran Soup Mugs

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  • 23oz. bowl shaped handled cappuccino / soup mug
  • Smooth molded ceramic composite
  • Glossy vibrant color exterior finish
  • Thick curved grip for grab-n-go handling

Microwave safe. Hand washing recommended. 

**Case pricing: $5.00/ea 36+ mugs.

If interested, please email sales@oldlutheran.com.

We would love to see a world where everyone is just a little more Lutheran. While we realize that none of these behaviors are specifically Lutheran it occurs to us that just as Grace is fundamental to our understanding of how God comes to us, Grace can also be a guiding principle to how we live out our lives as Lutherans.

Imagine what this world could be like if on any given day each of us lived out our life with a little more grace, and hope and peace and love and joy and rest and welcome and forgiveness and music and worship and study and proclaiming and supporting and encouraging and calling and listening and sharing and giving and praying and preaching and learning and empowering and caring. 

Maybe tomorrow is a little more encouraging and next week is listening. Just a little more. If we all were just a little more we could change the world.

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