Martin Luther: A Life

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The perfect companion to the new major motion picture, Luther!

Coinciding with the release of this major motion picture is Martin Luther: A Life, a compelling new biography of Martin Luther. Featuring eight pages of full-color images from the motion picture, Martin Luther: A Life offers the full story behind what the movie dramatizes.

"Martin Luther: A Life lends context and detail in a captivating look at the entire life of Luther," says Michael Wilt, editor for Augsburg Books. "This book will reach a wide audience, serving to spark the interest of general readers and Luther scholars alike."

Written by nationally recognized Luther scholar James A. Nestingen, professor of Church History at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, Martin Luther: A Life, is an engaging, accessible account of the turbulent life of the world's most famous and noted religious leader.

For all who wish to understand Luther the man, the rebel, and the visionary, Nestingen's vivid anecdotes and historical descriptions offer insight into Luther's momentous contributions to Western thought and religion in his personal encounter with God, the Christian scriptures, and the relentless demands of his own conscience.

This book offers a compact, up-to-date, and accessible biography of the great reformer. Nestingen combines his knowledge of Luther and Reformation history with his considerable storytelling skills to present this concise and compelling story of Martin Luther’s life and times. Information boxes and excerpts from Luther’s words extend the story and provide helpful historical reference points and commentary. Here is a Luther biography for a broad range of readers that appeals as well as informs. (Author: James A. Nestingen)

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