More Than 95 Varieties

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Antique Cherry Red Shirt 90/10 cotton/polyester

When we first had the idea to celebrate the vast diversity of the Lutheran Church all around the world we thought we would be lucky (but not too lucky) to find 95 different varieties of Lutheran churches around the world. To our delight, we discovered many more churches. 185 of them are featured on the back of this shirt but we couldn’t find 185 in any of Luther’s writings so we decided (oops) we were compelled to stick with MORE than 95 Varieties. We are Proud (but not too proud) to invite you to visit a Lutheran congregation that that is different than the one you grew up in. But before you do that, we invite you to purchase two of our NEW “More than 95 Varieties” T-shirts. One for you, and one for a friend at a “Different” Lutheran Church.

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