Selected Writings of Martin Luther

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Initially selected forty years ago by Luther master Theodore G. Tappert, Selected Writings of Martin Luther makes available again a superb collection, in an attractive and affordable edition of four volumes, now beautifully presented as a boxed set, an ideal gift for celebrating seminary graduation, ordination, clergy anniversaries, and more.

Here are Luther's most important and influential writings – from his (1517) 95 Theses to his last Prefaces to the Bible – compiled chronologically into four volumes: his early writings (1517-1520), the fruitful years of controversy (1520-1523), the years of consolidating and shaping the Reform (1523-1526), and his mature work (1529-1546).

Built from the translations prepared for Luther's Works: American Edition, this selection presents whole works in their historical setting. While emphasizing the classic works, the collection includes the full variety of Luther's literary and religious writing: polemical and irenic, satirical and contemplative, academic and devotional. This attractive set will function as a ready reference, a wonderful gift, a way for students and lay persons to read the original documents in authoritative translation, and a marvelous means of encountering the man himself.

(Author: Martin Luther, Editor: Theodore G. Tappert)

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