Here We Stand 2020/2021

Early in 1521 political and church leaders gathered in Worms Germany for what we know as The Diet of Worms. A “diet” was a formal deliberative assembly of the whole. Which is why to this day, when Lutherans gather, there is food and drink and laughing and arguing. It’s part of the Lutheran Diet, but we digress.

          It was at the Diet of Worms where Martin Luther famously said “Here I stand, I can do no other. God help me. Amen.”  We celebrated the 500th anniversary of the reformation in 2017 but that was only the beginning. It was at the Diet of Worms that Luther stood up to the power of the day and began our journey of reforming. Reformation didn’t happen in a day and as far as we know, it isn’t done yet.

           Just as Luther posted 95 things that needed changing we are challenging you to make your list. Old Lutheran is the Center for Lutheran Pride (but not too proud). One of the things that we are certainly not too proud of is our silence in the face of pressure to maintain status quo. This is why Old Lutheran is launching Here We Stand, as our theme for 2020/21.  Luther stood in the face of the power of the day and demanded equal opportunity for all believers to understand the Word of God. Just as Luther changed the church and the world for good, we are going to use the coming months to define where WE stand. 

             We invite you to join our conversation. Luther stood on his convictions and set the tone. WE can stand together and make tangible changes. Join with us, let us know where you stand, and more importantly why you stand there and what difference it is going to make. Will you help us? 

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