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The mission of Old Lutheran is to provide unique products and services that help our customers express their Lutheran identity.



Old Lutheran started in 1999 as “The Center of Lutheran Pride” (but not too proud). It was born out of an idea that Lutherans are passionate about our faith. Our faith that is grounded in grace. So passionate that we are willing to debate, and argue and learn and laugh. It was the laughter that first grabbed our attention and so in our early days we poked fun. A lot of our messages were designed to provoke thought. Our philosophy was, if we can laugh at ourselves, perhaps we can learn from ourselves. Our messages were created to provide talking points that could bring us back to our theological beliefs. 

Luther would end his definitions of the creed, and the ten commandments with “This is most certainly true.” So, we made coffee mugs that proclaimed “This is most certainly brew.” We wanted to engage in conversation about what is true and what is good and we wanted those conversations to happen over a cup of coffee.

Luther is also credited with saying “Here I Stand, I can do no other, God help me amen.” This led us to printing golf tees. Here I Stand golf tees. Again, our hope was that maybe even on the golf course, Lutherans would have conversations about their convictions perhaps while standing on the tee box might pray, God help me, Amen.

We introduced Sin Boldly beer glasses, Nailed it foam hammers, and Hot Lutheran pot holders. Of course we have the ever popular Bobble head dolls and Martin Loofa’s. Everything designed for maybe a laugh and maybe a conversation.

The mission of Old Lutheran is to provide unique products and services that help our customers express their Lutheran identity.

For twenty years, Old Lutheran has remained “The Center of Lutheran Pride” (but not too proud). In response to customer demand and a changing landscape in recent years we have added to our messaging. In our early years we focused on the “Lutheran identity” portion of our Mission Statement. More recently, we are being more intentional with the “Expression” of Lutherans. How do Lutherans “express” their identity. Once again, we look to our passion about grace. Our messaging doesn’t always have the same humorous message twist to it, but it is by grace that we welcome the stranger, practice forgiveness, and live in hope. 

We express our Lutheran identity by providing resources to individuals, congregations, and organizations who also are passionate about conveying grace to a broken world.


We create, we produce, we communicate, and we partner with Lutherans world wide with a message grounded in the love and grace of Jesus. In addition to our products that we sell, we offer a full range of custom options as well. We have worked with families and small organizations, large congregations and major events. 

We are perhaps best known for our own products that we have created and produced. In fact, our favorite thing to do is to work with Lutheran groups and organizations to help you with your message. We can help imagine graphics and products that help you spread the word about the work that you do. We design and produce t-shirts, buttons, stickers, mugs, banners and signs. We offer fast turnaround times and small minimum orders. We print and distribute T-shirts for local, regional, and national events.  

Outstanding Lutheran Humor Award: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013.  


We are a small privately held company in Moorhead, Minnesota committed to living out the messages that we create and market. We work hard to produce quality products that have been intentionally and ethically sourced. We only work with companies that practice fair labor and live out the values that we proclaim. All of our suppliers are required to demonstrate their fair labor practices. We pay our staff above minimum wage and offer health and retirement benefits.

Sometimes our customers ask us, “What do you do with the profits?” We put them right back into our company so we can pay more and provide quality work environments. We support local causes that provide justice and quality life to those in need right here in Moorhead. As the “Center of Lutheran Pride” (but not too proud) we believe that being proud of our work is where it all begins. We are proud of the work we do for our customers and for our community. We are a diverse staff all on a journey to discover what it means to live out our faith and our values right here at work and beyond.

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