Here We Stand -

Let's Be Honest...

Just as we value transparency in many aspects of our lives, we want to make sure you (our customers) feel that we are being honest and transparent about the decisions that were made leading up to our Here We Stand collection. Learn more below!
What is the inspiration behind the Here We Stand designs?
We have been working with a diverse panel of people outside our company to create meaningful products that take a stand and start the conversation around injustice with our Lutheran audience.
What are you doing with the profits of these shirts?
These profits are being used to continue our funding for our panel and new products to come out in the future focused on this work. We are hoping to expand our resources and offer a meaningful guide to start the conversation of anti-racism in your community.
Why are you selling shirts with a raised fist?
As many of you know, the majority of our audience is white. That is exactly why we believe these messages are important. A raised fist has long been used as a way for Black people and People of Color to peacefully protest, specifically racism and injustices in society. We stand in solidarity with Blacks, Indigenous, and People of Color. We need our white brothers and sisters to take action and stand up for these messages of justice, equality, and anti-racism. This is our work to do.

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