February Bracelets

For the month of February, we are excited to partner with African Career, Education, and Resource (ACER). For every bracelet purchased in the month of February, $2 will be donated to ACER. 

ACER is a Minneapolis, MN based nonprofit organization founded in 2008. They engage and work with African immigrants living in the north and northwest suburbs of Minneapolis to advance equity and eliminate disparities for the area’s large and growing African community. Their current initiatives involve helping individuals find jobs and support entrepreneurship, quality affordable housing, transportation choices, education equity, and health equity. ACER focuses on systemic changes, ensuring that residents and community leaders have a place at decision-making tables. They also work regionally where they see opportunities to make connections that improve the quality of life for African immigrants. We are eager to partner with an organization that is doing such great work within our home state. 

Learn more HERE.

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