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15 oz. Ceramic Mug. The grace by which we have been saved invites, calls, pushes, and sometimes drags us into a life that is informed by the peace that passes all understanding. The waters are sometimes rough and the sailing isn’t always smooth but the water’s of our baptism continue to mark and identify us as God’s people.

But then we are reminded again that we are God’s people and it is in Jesus death and resurrection that we have hope.

It’s important not to confuse the reformation with the resurrection. The reformation changed the way that we understand our relationship to God. God comes to us and we understand that we are saved by grace. We receive this gift and we live into it. We don’t live to acquire but we have been given so that we can live.

The reformation changed the world and continues to change the world by the way we see, live and love because of God.

Together, we can make a difference. As we get ready for Reformation 2016 let’s lean into 500 years of grace and hope and peace and love and joy and rest and welcome and forgiveness and music and worship and study and proclaiming and supporting and encouraging and calling and listening and sharing and giving and praying and preaching and learning and empowering and caring.

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