AmLutheran Party Cup Pack

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These will begin shipping out October 18th!

The 16 oz. Smooth Wall Stadium Cup is perfect for all your Reformation activities! A durable, eco-friendly, fun, tumbler that will be taken home and reused. This drinkware is great to keep around the house, celebrate the Reformation year round, and enjoy a nice cold drink!

"In July, my nephew called me and said, “Uncle David, why are so many shoppers named Erica”? Of course I knew immediately that he was referring to all the people wearing T-shirts that said AmErica so I explained to him that while they might not actually all be Erica’s, sometimes in early July, people wear shirts in solidarity with all of the Erica’s that have at some point introduced them self by saying "Hello, I AmErica”. I told him as often as I say I AmDavid, so far there is no AmDavid shirt. But, just like there is an Old Navy and an Old Lutheran shirt, I have great pleasure in introducing you to our new shirt AmLutheran." David Hunstad, Founder & Owner

Being AmLutheran is fun and it has little to nothing to do with what corner of our planet you come from but more about how you live your life. Here at Old AmLutheran, we declare that there is freedom in the declaration that

I AmSaint&Sinner.
I AmSavedbyGrace.
I AmACityOnAHill.
I AmFearfulAndWonderful. 
I AmHuman. 
I AmLoved. 
I AmLutheran.

Join the fun! Celebrate AmLutheran day with us on October 31st.

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