Metanoia Wildflower Seed Paper

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 Each pack contains six seed papers in the shapes of:

  • Yellow Sun
  • Light Pink Cross
  • Pink Heart
  • Green Aspen
  • Purple Butterfly
  • Light Blue Bird

Metanoia [meh-ta-noy-ah] 

1; (n.) a transformative change of heart; a spiritual conversion

2; (v.) the act of reforming, becoming new

When Luther set out to reform the church, he wasn’t just aiming for structural change within the church. He had his sights set on changing the way people thought of, believed in, and practiced their faith. It didn’t just happen overnight or with the nailing of the 95 theses. It happened as a long, difficult journey. It’s a journey that continues today as the church responds to meet the needs of a changing congregation.

Metanoia is not commonly associated with the reformation. Afterall, the reformation happened over 500 years ago. Or did it? 

The reformation is an active transformation of the church’s response to God’s action. As Luther posted the 95 Theses, he was calling for a change of heart, a change that is ongoing today. As the church continues to wrestle with faithful expression in a changing and sinful world we discover every day that we are both sinner and saint, vital and irrelevant, lost and found. 

Our hope is that we will continue to live into the Metanoia that begins at baptism and continues to our last day.

Metanoia; Change, conversion, reformation, renewal, metamorphosis, transformation, diversity, shift.  

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